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1901   General Assembly holds first session in new State House in Providence.

            Narragansett incorporated as a Town.

1902    Street Railway strike; rioting in Pawtucket.

1903    Wireless telegraph introduced into the State.

1912    First Workmen's Compensation Act passed.

1914    Car-tunnel constructed under College Hill in Providence.

1917    Providence College founded.

            July 25--RI national guard mustered into service of United States for war with Germany.

1918    Explosion at Newport Torpedo Factory, resulting in loss of 14 lives.

1919    July 1--First registration day for women voters for a Presidential election.

1920    National Prohibition Amendment becomes effective; not ratified in Rhode Island.

            November 2--Women vote for first time in National election.

1922    Radio broadcasting begins over stations WEAN and WJAR.

            January-September: textile strike, 18,000 local workers involved.

1924    Percy Marks publishes "The Plastic Age".

1925    Department of State Police created in April,