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1876    Corliss Engine, designed by . Corliss of Providence, set in motion at Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, President Grant being present.

1877    Rhode Island Institute for the deaf founded.

1880    Tribal Authority of Narragansett Indians ended.

1880    Coaster's Harbor Island ceded to the United States Government by citizens of Newport. for purpose of establishing training school for the United States navy.

1882    Electric carbon arc lights used in street lighting in Providence.

1884    Naval War College established in Newport.

1887    Compulsory Education passed.

1887    State Agricultural School opens in Kingston (becomes Rhode College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts in 1892, Rhode Island State College in 1909 and the university of Rhode Island in 1955.)

1888    First electric railway in Rhode Island opened in Woonsocket.

1889    Wheeler School founded in Providence.

1889    Old Providence Cove filled in (1889-1892)

1890    Cotton Centenary celebrated in Pawtucket.

1892    Women's College in Brown University founded (renamed Pembroke College in 1928)

1895    "Rhode Island Red" hen officially recognized as a new breed.   

1896    St. George's School founded at Middletown.

1897    New State Flag adopted.

1898    Spanish American War

1900    Population of State, 428,556.