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1775    April 19- Revolutionary War begins at Lexington and Concord.

           April 20- More than 1000 Rhode Islanders, armed and disciplined soldiers, mobilize overnight and march to Boston.

1776    May 4- RI Independence Day. General Assembly formally renounces allegiance to Great Britain, the first Colony to declare her absolute independence of the Crown.

            December 8 --British forces take possession of Newport

1778     February 9--Articles of Confederation adopted by Rhode Island.

            July 29-- French fleet arrives off Newport.

            August 29-- Battle of Rhode Island

1779     British evacuate Newport

1780     Count Rochambeau arrives at Newport with 6500 French troops.

1781     Public reception given to General George Washington in Newport.

1784     Emancipation Act provides for gradual abolition of slavery.

1787     First spinning jenny in the United States constructed and put into use in Providence.

1790     May 29--Rhode Island ratifies Federal Constitution

            First cotton factory in American begun by Samuel Slater in Pawtucket

1792     Elijah Ormsbee makes successful trip on Providence River in his steamboat, the "Experiment".